Miraculous Weeping Cross

The Convent of Santa Monica, Old Goa, Asia’s first and largest Convent, was built between 1606- 1627. The Church of Santa Monica, is joined to the Convent on the Southern side.

The nave of the Church of Santa Monica is divided into two parts: the first makes up the main part of the Church with two side Altars, the Main Altar and the Altar of the Weeping Cross. The second part of the Church (presently the Museum of Christian Art) is separated from the first part by an iron railing.

The Altar or the Chapel of the Weeping Cross is divided into two distinct parts: At the lower part, is the retable. At the upper part, is a verandah, having at its centre the image of Christ on the Cross, after which the Chapel/ Altar is named.

The image of the Crucified Christ on the Altar of the Weeping Cross, initially stood on the choir loft, and is reputed to be miraculous. It is said, that on the 8th of February, 1636, the second Friday of Lent, this image of the Crucified Christ opened its eyes many times as well as its mouth as one who desired to speak while blood was seen flowing from its wounds as though it were living. This event was witnessed by some of the cloistered nuns.

This supernatural event was repeated again on the 12th of February, 1636 in the presence of the Viceroy, the Archbishop, aristocrats and a vast multitude of people. After a thorough inquiry this event was declared as miraculous. Since then, the image is held in great veneration. From 1915 onwards, the feast of this Cross that was initially celebrated on the last Sunday of November, was fixed to the 27th of November.

The Church of Santa Monica (Chapel of the Weeping Cross) has been recently restored by the Museum of Christian Art with the financial assistance from the Directorate of Archives and Archaeology, Government of Goa.

The Church is open to the public everyday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Goa Governor visits Museum of Christian Art

Thursday, 31st January 2013 was another ‘Red Letter’ day for the Museum of Christian Art , Goa with the visit of His Excellency, The Governor of Goa, Bharat Vir Wanchoo and Mrs. Nalini Wanchoo to the Museum in the Santa Monica Convent, Old Goa

Goa Governor visits Museum of Christian ArtThe Governor and Mrs. Wanchoo were received by Vice President, Nascimento de Souza , Members. Fatima Gracias, Maria Fernanda Sousa, Jose Lourenco, Sergio Freitas and Curator Natasha Fernandes of the Museum.

The Governor evinced keen interest in the many exquisitely crafted Christian objects, which besides being of great antiquity value, were perfect examples of a special art form – a symbiosis of two great cultural traditions – Indian and Portuguese.

He took particular note of the richness and uniqueness of the artifacts , the excellent manner in which they were displayed and the high standard of their maintenance and of the Museum in general, endorsing the reputation earned by the Museum as being one of the best maintained in the Country.

The Governor and Mrs Wanchoo also visited the adjoining 400 year old Church of Santa Monica, also known as the Chapel of the Weeping Cross (because of a miraculous Cross venerated by many)- a Church of considerable architectural and historical importance  and which is currently being restored by the Museum of Christian Art with financial assistance from the Government of Goa.

The Governor took particular interest in the work being undertaken on the altars, the pulpit,  statues, paintings and walls and met the Conservation  Architect, Ketak Nachinolkar, Agnelo Fernandes and others carrying out the restoration.

The Governor did the Museum proud by saying that the Museum was a ‘MUST SEE’ for every visitor to Goa

Nascimento de Souza

Vice -President

Museum of Christian Art